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Virtual on Purpose

What We Do

Kintinu Telerehab is the latest innovation from a national leader in rehabilitation. A virtual extension of QLI’s industry-leading Tri-Dimensional Rehabilitation® program, our team addresses the core aspects of rehabilitation, while incorporating real-world skills and individualized interests that bring purpose and passion to your life.

Kintinu meets you where you’re at in your recovery — no matter where you call home.

A therapist pointing to her mouth during a teletherapy session

Born out of Creativity

After years of simulating home and community environments in a clinical setting, our founding team of clinicians developed Kintinu as a creative solution to deliver meaningful outpatient therapy in a functional, real-world setting. 

Using an accessible video platform is not just convenient. It’s also a way for you to access specialized therapy and apply the skills traditionally practiced in the clinic in your own home and community. 

Backed by research related to learning, this approach continues your recovery journey far beyond the inpatient stay.

A woman smiling during a videoconference

Excellence Derived from Expertise

We help individuals with neurological, limb loss, and orthopedic injuries with a full suite of outpatient telerehabilitation services. Every one of our clinicians has years of specialized experience treating the basic and complex challenges accompanying these conditions.

Meet Our Team of Expert Clinicians

A woman in a wheelchair smiling during a video call