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The Kintinu Difference

Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Helping people thrive in their own environment is our passion, and we absolutely love hearing their success stories. Read on to learn about experiences from Kintinu patients all across the U.S.

The Journey to Home Recovery

[greek] After years of simulating home and community environments in a clinical setting, our founding team of clinicians developed Kintinu as a creative solution to deliver meaningful outpatient therapy in a functional, real-world setting.

Using an accessible video platform is not just convenient. It’s also a way for you to access specialized therapy and apply the skills that are traditionally practiced in the clinic in your own home and community.

Backed by research related to neuroplasticity and long-term recovery, this approach extends your recovery journey far beyond the inpatient stay.

Read Nancy’s Story

Trading Places: Dipika Aggarwal’s Story of Recovery Using Telerehabilitation

Dipika Aggarwal, a hospital-based neurologist, traded her white coat for a patient’s gown when she sustained a moderate stroke in 2019 resulting in right hemiplegia (weakness of the right side […]

Online Speech Therapy: An Interview with Dr. Karen Hux

Often led by a speech-language pathologist, the treatment of cognitive and communication deficits has traditionally been delivered face-to-face in a clinical setting. However, online speech-language therapy has emerged as a […]

Capitalizing on the Continuum: Module 2 – The Continuum of Care

From the ICU through community-based care, the Continuum of Care covers each stage of the recovery journey. In this module, Steve Kerschke, PT and Brad Dexter, DPT of Kintinu Telerehab […]