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Kintinu Telerehab Blog

Virtual Occupational Therapy: Why You Should Consider Virtual Care

Although Occupational Therapy (OT) has the word “occupation” in its title, this is misleading. Many interpret this literally; however, “occupation” in this sense is defined as, “any activity or task […]

Rehabilitation Today Podcast: Integrated Learning at QLI

“Don’t judge. Teach. It’s a learning process.” ― Carol Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success   Backed by decades of experience producing exceptional clinical outcomes, Kintinu Telerehab connects recovery […]

5 Tools to Support Memory and Organization Deficits

What was that name? Who did I talk to yesterday? When was that appointment? We don’t realize the amount of information we encounter and are forced to remember each day. […]

12 Tips and Tools to Improve Skill Acquisition and Productivity

Attention and awareness are necessary to acquire information and learn new skills. In addition, they are critical to maximize productivity. A helpful mantra, “Identify the Interferences,” reminds us that physical […]

Choosing New Year’s Resolutions and Actually Achieving Them

New Year’s Resolutions began as early as 4,000 years ago in ancient Babylon and were commonplace by the 19th century. So much so that even by the 19th century, it […]

Kintinu’d Conversations Podcast: New Year, New You?

“If you believe you can change – if you make it a habit – the change becomes real.” ― Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We […]

Work from Home: Kintinu Telerehab Offers Solutions When Nothing Else Can

Today, Jeff Griffin is playing with his daughter, Leta. The one-year-old blazes into the living room, half-sprint and half-waddle, right to the spot where Jeff sits on the carpet. She […]

Telerehabilitation: Benefits, Misconceptions, and How to Achieve Long-Term Adoption

Although telemedicine has been around since the beginning of the 20th century, resistance to widespread adoption remains, especially when considering clinical applications that traditionally involve a “hands-on” component. Telerehabilitation involving […]

Someone reading next to a tablet computer

Telerehab: The Importance of Permanent Payer Adoption

History of Telerehab This goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyways. COVID-19 put telehealth on the forefront of healthcare delivery conversations. Over the last year and a half, telehealth has skyrocketed in usage and is […]

Kintinu Telerehab: A Q&A with Melissa Anderson

With the launch of the Kintinu Telerehabilitation program in 2018, QLI introduced a cutting-edge new system to redefine recovery in outpatient settings. Through the use of specialized video technology, Kintinu […]