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Online Adaptive
Fitness Training

Comprehensive Care Beyond the Clinic

Guts. Resilience. Intensity. Tenacity. A virtual extension of QLI’s GRIT program, we leverage video technology to provide direct access to tele adaptive fitness training. Geared towards individuals seeking challenging workouts beyond a traditional gym, this cutting-edge approach isn’t just convenient – it’s intense and uniquely effective. 

We work with individuals who have physical impairments related to limb loss, brain injury, or spinal cord injury; cognitive deficits following traumatic brain injury, stroke, or PTSD; and other complex neurological or orthopedic conditions.

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Our Approach to Tele Adaptive Fitness Training

Individualized Experience

Our program is tailored to the ability level of each participant and is suitable for those who:

  • Want access to a specialized fitness program outside of a traditional gym setting
  • Have varying levels of fitness experience ranging from novice to expert 
  • Desire a sense of community and an intense workout 

Functional & Interdisciplinary Approach

Online adaptive fitness training classes follow a practical approach and are often paired with psychology services, physical therapy, speech therapy and/or occupational therapy, depending on your individualized plan of care. Our program is: 

  • Is led by a functional fitness coach certified in adaptive fitness training
  • Has class sizes that range from 2 to 8 participants
  • Requires minimal fitness equipment

Kintinu On

Kintinu eases the transition home and extends the recovery journey for individuals who have sustained limb loss, brain injury, spinal cord injury, and other neurological injuries. 

Our interdisciplinary virtual rehab program combines evidence-based practices with compassionate, expert-level care to deliver results and help you thrive in your own environment.

Tele adaptive fitness training programs relate directly to the demands of the real world and provide a sense of community and an intense workout – all from the comfort of home.

A trainer demonstrating weight lifting techniques via videoconference


Can I utilize my health insurance?

We accept worker’s compensation, some private insurance plans and private pay. We are actively enrolling with new health insurance providers and employers. Please contact us to see if your plan is accepted. If not, we can provide you with a super bill. Reimbursement will vary, so it is important to check with your insurance first. State Medicaid and Medicare are not accepted at this time.

Can I utilize this service outside of the United States?

Kintinu Telerehab services are not currently available outside of the United States.

How do I access my treatment session?

All sessions are completed using video conferencing technology. Prior to your appointment, you will receive a link to join the video call as well as any specific information necessary for the treatment session that day. At the time of your session, click the link to join, and your clinician will accept you into the treatment session.