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Category: Physical Therapy

Balancing Act: The Role of Physical Activity in Concussion Recovery

Recovering from a concussion is a journey that often requires a multifaceted approach, and one crucial element is physical activity. Beyond simply resting, engaging in appropriate levels of physical activity […]

Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation: Interdisciplinary Treatment is the Gold Standard

Interdisciplinary Approach A catastrophic injury, like a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury is a life-altering event that impacts an individual’s physical, cognitive, and emotional abilities. The road to recovery […]

PODCAST: Rehabilitation Insights – Personal Tales of Growth and Career Transition

Backed by decades of experience producing exceptional clinical outcomes, Kintinu Telerehab connects recovery to everyday life. In this podcast, we explore hot topics in rehabilitation, the keys to personal growth […]

Physical Therapy for Concussions: Your Guide to Treatment

Concussions are extremely common in America. 61,000 Americans died from traumatic brain injuries in 2019. That’s roughly seven deaths an hour. Anyone can receive a concussion at any moment. But no […]

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What Are the Types of Rehabilitation?

If you have experienced a catastrophic injury like a brain injury, spinal cord injury, or stroke, rehabilitation is a key step in helping you recover. Through various levels of care, […]

Falling Back into Old Habits? Five Misconceptions About Online Physical Therapy

During the COVID-19 pandemic, telerehab served as one of the only solutions to accessing physical therapy. While this exposed many patients to virtual care and encouraged providers to respond to […]

Trading Places: Dipika Aggarwal’s Story of Recovery Using Telerehabilitation

Dipika Aggarwal, a hospital-based neurologist, traded her white coat for a patient’s gown when she sustained a moderate stroke in 2019 resulting in right hemiplegia (weakness of the right side […]

Virtual Physical Therapy with Kintinu: A Student’s Perspective

Recently, we had the pleasure of having Jake Massey, a physical therapy student from Creighton University, join Kintinu/QLI for an eight-week rotation. Over the years, we’ve had many talented students […]

Vestibular Therapy for Concussions

A concussion can cause balance and orientation issues. With vestibular therapy for concussions, you can get your life back on track. Did you know that at least 25 percent of teenagers […]

PODCAST: Keep On, Keepin’ On with Jake Meyers

“Those with the growth mindset found success in doing their best, in learning and improving. And this is exactly what we find in the champions.” — Carol S. Dweck, Mindset: […]