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Category: Physical Therapy

Work from Home: Kintinu Telerehab Offers Solutions When Nothing Else Can

Today, Jeff Griffin is playing with his daughter, Leta. The one-year-old blazes into the living room, half-sprint and half-waddle, right to the spot where Jeff sits on the carpet. She […]

Telerehabilitation: Benefits, Misconceptions, and How to Achieve Long-Term Adoption

Although telemedicine has been around since the beginning of the 20th century, resistance to widespread adoption remains, especially when considering clinical applications that traditionally involve a “hands-on” component. Telerehabilitation involving […]

Kintinu Telerehab: A Q&A with Melissa Anderson

With the launch of the Kintinu Telerehabilitation program in 2018, QLI introduced a cutting-edge new system to redefine recovery in outpatient settings. Through the use of specialized video technology, Kintinu […]

Physical Activity in the Life of the Differently-Abled Adult

I want to preface this post with an acknowledgement—I’m not going to use the term “disability” because I think it implies that a person CANNOT do something; whereas, “differently-abled” alludes […]