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PODCAST: The Impact of Adaptive Sports with Ed Armstrong

Backed by decades of experience producing exceptional clinical outcomes, Kintinu Telerehab connects recovery to everyday life. In this podcast, we explore hot topics in rehabilitation, the keys to personal growth and recovery, and how to apply it all to the real-world.

In this episode of Kintinu’d Conversations, Brad Dexter sits down with Ed Armstrong of QLI’s Life Path Services department. Ed’s relentless passion and personal connection to adaptive sports will captivate you.

We venture into the nuances of QLI’s adaptive sports program, showcasing the innovative ways Ed has been instrumental in helping clients carve out their new normal. You’ll hear about the emotional hurdles faced and the creative solutions employed to get clients back to activities they once loved. But it doesn’t stop there. Ed also talks about about the supportive strategies available for clients to acquire necessary equipment. Let’s get inspired together by the power of adaptive sports in fostering personal growth and reigniting joy after life-altering events.

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