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PODCAST: The Playbook, Part 1

Backed by decades of experience producing exceptional clinical outcomes, Kintinu Telerehab connects recovery to everyday life. In this podcast, we explore hot topics in rehabilitation, the keys to personal growth and recovery, and how to apply it all to the real-world.

What if there was a way to seamlessly transition rehab patients back into their communities, saving both time and resources? In this episode of Kintinu’d Conversations, Brad DexterSteve Kerschke, and Claire Thelen sit down to discuss navigating catastrophic injury care and rehabilitation. 

We enthusiastically unpack our unique center of excellence model, which provides medical care in an applied, functional, and purposeful manner. The conversation moves towards the challenges encountered when easing individuals back into their communities and how tele-rehab emerged as a distinct solution to this issue. Claire and Steve share their thoughts on how an interdisciplinary collaborative team approach boosts efficiency and outcomes. As we wrap up, we delve into the unique experience of building our tele-rehab program from a place of creativity and vision, without the pressure of a crisis forcing us to act. This episode is full of insights, don’t miss it!

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