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PODCAST: The Silent Storm: The Impact of Aphasia and the Power of the interACT Program

Backed by decades of experience producing exceptional clinical outcomes, Kintinu Telerehab connects recovery to everyday life. In this podcast, we explore hot topics in rehabilitation, the keys to personal growth and recovery, and how to apply it all to the real-world.

In this episode of Kintinu’d Conversations, Brad Dexter, sits down with QLI’s extraordinary speech therapist, Zoey Devney, to unravel the complexities of aphasia. This often-misunderstood language disorder can challenge one’s ability to speak, understand, read, and write, yet it leaves intelligence intact. Zoey shines a light on how aphasia differs from other speech disorders and shares her personal journey that fueled the creation of the interACT program at QLI, a beacon of hope for those navigating the silent storm of aphasia. As a listener, Zoey will leave you with a deep understanding of this complex condition, along with effective strategies to empower people with aphasia to better connect with the world.


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