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Category: Patient Experience

Take the “Express Lane” on the Road to Recovery

Cross the Bridges We’ve introduced the idea of “Cross the Bridges” in the past. It is a useful metaphor to help injured workers and their support teams visualize, understand, and […]

Five Crucial Concepts for Navigating Recovery

The Road Trip No one dreams of or prepares for a catastrophic injury, yet at every turn, injured workers and their families are faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges that even […]

Crossing Bridges: New Beginnings and New Opportunities

We call them transitions. Coach K calls them bridges. Either way, they’re the challenges we face that shape us, and the turning points in our life that lead to significant […]

What the Future Could be with V1C

What is virtual first care (V1C)? Virtual first care enables frequent and personalized touch points and drives meaningful outcomes. But, do patients, providers, and payers understand what it is and […]

The Healthcare Crisis: Why Patient Experience is More Important than Ever

Patients and their wellbeing are at the center of everything we do as healthcare providers. It’s why most providers enter their profession in the first place – they have a […]