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PODCAST: Hangin’ with Mr. Feeney – Part 2

Backed by decades of experience producing exceptional clinical outcomes, Kintinu Telerehab connects recovery to everyday life. In this podcast, we explore hot topics in rehabilitation, the keys to personal growth and recovery, and how to apply it all to the real-world.

In this episode of Kintinu’d Conversations, Brad Dexter, and Steve Kerschke, sit down to down to talk with Tim Feeney.

Dr. Tim Feeney consults on treatment of patients with acquired brain injury and specializes in neurobehavioral intervention. He is the Chief Knowledge Officer for Belvedere Health Services in Albany, NY and the Founder and Director of The Mill School in Burlington, VT.

For 20 years Tim was the Project Director of the New York Neurobehavioral Resource Project, a CMS identified best practice model program developed to support individuals with brain injury and other neurogenic disorders and significant behavioral challenges to live successfully in their home communities. In addition he is a Principle Investigator for the Behaviours of Concern Project, a five year grant funded research project of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Tim has assisted numerous individuals and agencies in the development of system-wide changes in order to provide sustainable, high quality, and cost-effective education and rehabilitation services.

Tim has been responsible for the procurement and coordination of over $15,000,000 in grant-funded programs serving individuals with challenging behaviors, autism, and persons with brain injury and challenging behaviors. Tim has authored over 75 scholarly journal articles and book chapters, is co-author, with Mark Ylvisaker, of the book Collaborative Brain Injury Intervention: Positive Everyday Routines, and travels the world over speaking to audiences about collaborative services designed to support individuals with complex needs.


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