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PODCAST: Loneliness, Part 1

In this episode of Kintinu’d Conversations, Brad Dexter sits down Jodi Palensky, Kintinu’s Clinical Psychologist, for a discussion about Loneliness.

Loneliness is far more than just a bad feeling—it harms both individual and societal health. It is associated with a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, dementia, stroke, depression, anxiety, and premature death.  The mortality impact of being socially disconnected is similar to that caused by smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day,4 and even greater than that associated with obesity and physical inactivity. And the harmful consequences of a society that lacks social connection can be felt in our schools, workplaces, and civic organizations, where performance, productivity, and engagement are diminished

In part 1 of this conversation, Brad and Jodi discuss what loneliness is and is not, as well as the effects of loneliness on the individual and community.


Show notes:

  1. Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation
  2. Risks of Social Isolation

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